In a time of crumbling empires and failing kingdoms, darkness awaits at the edges of what little civilization remains. Invite yourself into Empires at Twilight. A world fought over by ambitious warlords, maniacal harbingers, and power hungry sorcerers. It is in these lands that fantastic creatures of darkness stalk the lands of proud nobles, great storms sink ships and disrupt trade across the world, and civilization slowly recede.

The adventure begins in the lands of Lyth-Noran. For over a hundred years the lands of Lyth-Noran have been contested by the warring nations of Gratia and The Korven Asatcha. Gratia supported by the Church of the High Lightbringer of Pelor, self proclaimed champions of good, bringers of the light first settled Lyth-Noran around three hundred years ago. They contended with the savage tribes of Gnolls, Orcs and primitive humans for control of the land establishing estates and cities across the area. It was long after that the ever-expanding imperialism of the Koven Asatcha reached into the west and brought their ambitions in contact with the Gratian settlers. The mighty Korven Asatcha, The Northern Sun, with divine command to conquer and bring the light of the Northern Sun to all in the lands of Lyth-Noran. With the aid of the House Merl’kuri Mages of the Island State of Zeacon they were a formidable foe during the crusading years.

For Over a hundred years the two mighty empires warred over the lands of Lyth-Noran. These were the Crusading Years, when the ranks of both nation’s armies were filled to the brim with warriors. The border became the Midland Mountains range. Dividing the lands of Lyth-Noran down the middle north to south. The constant struggle strained the Korven Asatcha’s coffers and drew its attention too far from its other provinces. Soon rebellions forced the Asatcha to leave just the barebone garrisons in Lyth-Noran. Gratian knew it was time to pounce. Strengthening its position the Gratians were ready to launch their final campaign for Lyth-Noran. Tragedy struck… Huge unexplainable Maelstroms wracked the coasts of Lyth-Noran destroying cities, sinking whole imperial fleets and spoiling farmland.

That was 60 years ago and the Maelstroms have raged on and off ever since. Lyth-Noran has been completely separated from the Gratian mainland by the maelstroms, the Asatcha is busy quelling rebellion in other regions, and the Lyth-Norians are trying to establish their own kingdoms and empires. Some fight for Gratia, some for Korve, and others have only their own ambitions in mind.

That is the state of the lands of Lyth-Noran. Within the lands gnolls and Orc raids increase, Dark-worshipping Harbingers establish infernal cults, Merl’kuri Seekers scour the lands for any magic that doesn’t yet belong to them, and Harkunian Genasi sneak about small towns and backcountry hoping to return to the lands of their Gratian Kinsmen.

Are you ready to journey out into the lands of Lyth-Noran, to make your mark on the turbulent countryside? Pick up your sword, don your armor and venture forth…

Twilight Empires

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