Twilight Empires

The Fall Festival

In Briarwood

The Group recovered from their wounds and headed north back to Briarwood to try and gain an audience with Spearnum of Briarwood.

Ruselin tugged at the tight fitting tunic emblazoned with the twin horses of the Teofilo heraldry. The crowds moved and shuffled around and through the tents and pavilions arrayed around the town of Briarwood. The people had gathered for the Fall Festival…

…A wild haired water genasi woman approached them adorned in a heavy white and blue toga, her traveling companion a tall and well groomed gnoll. The party stared as they passed by…

…A man put the green flaming sword into his mouth point down and began to swallow the weapon…

…They watched a puppet show with an actual fire breathing dragon puppet torch another of the puppets…

…Talos stood near the stands laughing with a group of lords; both northern and southern… …Cerberus pulled his scarf up further and his hood down a little further as the dragonborn fighter Umberto walked past holding his belly and laughing, “the girl is a devil. Wicked magic at work my friends, Wicked!”

Cerberus walked into the circle his eyes on his father standing behind the young girl. A master stepped forward between to the two combatants. He waited a moment and eyed the two and announced as he stepped back, “Duel”

Cerberus stepped forward and to the side his blade flying true toward its mark. As it neared its home he heard the master call out “Point” He looked down to see the girl’s wooden blade pressed into his stomach. Anger surged over him, he could feel the animal nature begin to take hold, he held it back as the crowd roared around him.

The arrived in Briarwood to discover the Fall Festival was in full swing and they where to represent Lord Teofilo. There where many things to see; civilized gnolls, Genasi, sword-fighting youths and many knights fighting. The Harkunians where there as was the Southern Gratian Lords including Cereberus’ father. The Group also noticed Talos was in attendance in representation of Reydjen.

The party meant with Heladio to inform him they still hadn’t discovered the whereabouts of Akalum and they requested their audience with Spearnum. Cereberus found he had a young sister that was a master swordwoman at the young age of 5, even he was unable to get a point on her. Defeated and disappointed Cereberus returned to the camp. Cereberus determined to go out and find more about his family was ready to leave when the party was waylaid by Alcander the Harbinger and a group of Lathasian Shadowblessed. The party was able to dispatch the Shadowblessed but Alcander managed to escape.

Spearnum, very weary from so much, met with the Teofilo’s Representatives. After hearing their story he allowed them a Charter of Summons to bring Reydjen to Spearnum’s court for a proper hearing.



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