Lyth Noran

Although the whole of the region is named Lyth-Noran, the title has landed on the northwestern portion of the Peninsula. Cartographers group The Gratian Protectorate in the south all the way to the Farwest in the east as Lyth-Noran. Lords of the Kelthian Province would through out any mapmaker arrogant enough to lump them in with the Gratians and the Gratian Protectorate is firmly a province of Gratia and will not rest until the whole region is renamed the Gratian Protectorate.

Loose alliances of level headed warriors, power of fervent religious order, hotheaded pacts between wild lords all make up the rest of the region. It is these wretches the more formally organized powers of Lyth-Noran refer to as such. Not all are solitary lords without alliances and many have made agreements with the greater influences in the politics.

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